Getting started

Collect materials

At least 2 iOS devicesOpenCap supports all iPhones, iPads, and iPods released in 2018 or later.
Tripods and phone holders
These tripods and phone holders worked great for us.
Printed checkerboard mounted to a flat surface
This checkerboard worked great for us. It is important to mount the checkerboard to a flat surface (e.g., plexiglass sheet) and not to cover it with a reflective surface (e.g., don't laminate it).

Install app

Step 01
Install the TestFlight app from the App Store
Step 02
Install the OpenCap app by scanning this QR code or by using this link

Collect data

Step 01
Check out our best practices and tutorial videos before collecting data.
Step 02
Go to OpenCap's web app and login on a laptop or tablet. Follow instructions on web app.
Kinematics are automatically computed in the cloud now.
Utilities for computing musculoskeletal forces will be coming soon.